Private Coaching

If you are ready to take charge of your life and ownership over your actions, coaching will help you create your best life. Whether you need attention in your career, business, or home-life, coaching can fit your goals.

You will drive the coaching conversation and I will make sure we stay on the road to get where you want to go. You will gain clarity, develop focus, build resiliency, take action and increase your emotional intelligence when we work together. The personal growth is immeasurable but I can assure you, you won't feel like the same person in one year from now.

My clients are smart, creative, over-achievers who want to make their best impact on the world while actually enjoying the process.

Want the support and accountability of an amazing band of incredibly brilliant and successful women?

Join the crew to participate in monthly coaching calls, guided journals, and access to all of us in the private Facebook group.

Members are working towards creating powerful visions for their life and legacy, becoming confident leaders, taking emotional ownership of their thoughts and actions, and creating their best work.


Group Coaching

Speaking and Corporate Engagements


Are you a company, school, or organization looking for some extracurriculars? You're in luck because I am a great speaker, facilitator, instructor, and host and I love working with groups and teams.

Leadership, creativity, culture, emotional intelligence, coaching, personal growth, stress are all topics I can speak to personally.

Ask your boss to bring me out to speak, coach, or train your company - and have her pay for it - score!