#14 - Caity Curtis - Improv, Mindfulness and Creativity

Turn Yourself Up Podcast Caity Curtis

Caity Curtis has made a career for herself being an improvisor and improv teacher. In our insightful conversation, we talk about improv and what it tells us about ourselves and how it teaches us to let go of our inner chatter, the fear of failure and attachment to outcomes. 

There is a lot of cross over in the art of improv and creating positive visions for your life. We explore the intersection of improv, creativity and also life coaching.

Caity believes in putting a variety of voices on stage and has made it her mission to do so this year as the Associate Artistic Director of the board for the Winnipeg Improv Festival. 

Check her out:

Her website - https://www.theimprovco.com/

Her Show at the Winnipeg Fringe: Comedy is Funny Again

The Winnipeg Fringe Festival - http://www.winnipegfringe.com/Home.aspx

The Winnipeg Improv Festival - October 17th-21st, 2017