#04 - Alissa Watson - Lessons From the Stage

Alissa Watson is an Actress, Writer, Musician, Educator AND most importantly (to me) my big sister.

In this episode, Alissa will share her experience from making a scary transition from job security into the unconventional path pursuing theatre. 

Alissa talks about what she needs to do in order to show up her best each day. The importance of continuous learning in your field. Some of the struggles of freelancing as well as some tips and tricks for evoking creativity.

Some of the Lessons from this episode:

  1. Follow the impulse
  2. Walk an idea through your body
  3. Going against societal norms is absolutely OK

Resources from this episode:

Alissa's Emails: Theatre Creations - inspiredItheatre@gmail.com

Clown work or workshops - therednosediaries@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/rednosediaries/ 

The Manitoulin Conservatory of Creation and Performance -  http://www.manitoulinconservatory.com/

Speaking Shakespeare by Patsy Rodenburg - https://www.amazon.ca/Speaking-Shakespeare-Patsy-Rodenburg/dp/1403965404