#02 - Sheena Grobb: Music, Healing and Emotional Expression

I met Sheena this summer at the I AM Festival and immediately fell in love with her voice, authenticity and loveliness. 

Sheena Grobb is a self-described song bird. She is a singer-songwriter, speaker and health coach with a background teaching in high schools. Her voice has been compared to greats like Sarah McLachlan and Norah Jones, with a delicacy which is almost a whisper at times that creates a sound so sweet and unique that is unmistakably hers. 

Sheena was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis when she was 16-years-old and has learned to overcome some of her symptoms and struggles by listening to her body, learning how to express and feel her emotions and taking care of herself. 

After opening up about her journey with MS in her TEDx Talk last year, she has seen the value in helping others by sharing her story for encouragement, inspiration and hope. 

Sheena is passionate about emotional education and the healing that can come from learning how to feel and express our selves. 

We get into her experience with MS and learning to process her emotions. Her creative process and finding her style. How to communicate with your friends and family when rage or anger might be the emotion that needs to come out and much more - Sheena was dropping emotional knowledge bombs all over the place!

Some of the take-aways from this episode are:

  1. Telling your story can be really beneficial to others and to ourselves
  2. Listening to your body and understanding what feelings are coming up is important. They don't always have to be happy and positive.
  3. Crying can be a natural way to process our emotions that society has trained us to avoid.
  4. How to develop your own creative voice by letting go of judgement and expectation.
  5. How our biases and prejudices of others can show us how we are judging ourselves.
  6. What is the Bio-Emotive framework and how can we communicate our emotions with our loved ones?
  7. In a relationship, both people need to feel honoured and have a chance to express themselves.


Links from the episode: 

Sheena's Website - http://www.sheenagrobb.com/

Sheena's TEDx Talk - http://tedxwinnipeg.ca/speaker/sheena-grobb/

The Bio-Emotive Framework - http://www.bioemotiveframework.com/