Jessica Watson Life Coach

I'm Jessica Watson, Life Coach, Podcaster, Obsessive Learner, and Your Next Secret Weapon.


Isn't it about time you get what you want?

I teach smart, creative, over-achievers (like you) how to get out of their heads and into their intuitive genius so they can stress-less, enjoy their lives, and make the impact on the world that they were meant to!

Life is a mental game and when you have the wrong mindset it's like you are stuck in a snowbank (I'm from Canada, eh!) your wheels are spinning but you just can't go anywhere. Sometimes all you need is a friendly neighbour to help push you out and get you going. Let's get you unstuck.


Feeling like you have untapped potential in you? Trying to do it all and stressing yourself out?  Let's start with defining who you want to be and what's important to you. A powerful vision is a powerful thing. 

Craving deep conversations about creativity, self-awareness and personal growth? Listen to the podcast and be inspired, stimulated and challenged to reflect on your own life and journey.

Overwhelmed, stressed, burnt-out, depressed? It's time you looked in that brilliant head of yours and change who is running the show. Learn more about me and how I when from nervous wreck to confident boss.