August 2017


Listen careful for your intuitive hits each day - then take action by actually acting on what they tell you. This August, strengthen your intuitive muscles with me to become even more brilliant and confident in your own skin.

Post to Instagram with #IntuitionTuneIn and #TurnYourselfUpChallenge to play along.

You can also use this tracking page to keep notes on how things go this month. 

July 2017


Catch your negative thoughts as they come up throughout the day - then do the opposite of what they are telling you and notice how you feel.

All of 2016

#TIL #PostItDaily

I didn't know what this would become at the time, but this little experiment ended up changing a whole world of things for me. I had an intention for 2016 that I wanted to learn more new things, I also wanted to challenge myself to share some of my journey on social media - something I had been fairly uncomfortable with. Up until then, I was more of a "liker" than a "poster".

Challenging myself to post a daily lesson every day for a year gave me more than I bargained for.

I became more intentional in my everyday. I was constantly looking for the lessons and growth opportunities all around me. I was sharing with friends, family and even strangers what my internal world was like. I became more comfortable and confident using social media and sharing my journey with people - on and offline. I created a mission for myself. And people started to notice.

Half a year later, I've realized that this little experiment forced me to be accountable for my own self growth and I'm now creating challenges to help others do the same. I hope you will join me on one of the monthly #TurnYourselfUpChallenge and let me know where it takes you.