This is what I do...

The blog is back baby!

Forgive me for going AWOL for a hot minute. I got confused in my brand and messaging and let that confusion stop me from writing, podcasting, instagramming and doing anything to productively move my business forward. This is the price you pay when you let perfectionism call the shots. When things don’t go as expected you freeze, until you can completely figure out your next step. This is an ugly habit I am trying to break. It disguises itself in busy schedules, distractions, other important business to attend to. But really it is doing anything else so you don’t have to think about the thing in front of you that might not be perfect. *GASP*

So moving forward, this is what I’ve decided in terms of blogging and podcasting content and topics:

I remind people how to beat to their own drum - or what that drum even sounds like! (Maybe it’s not actually a drum.. maybe it’s a Piccolo.. but you get me). We become conditioned to be a certain way in society. So we will fit in, so we will be liked, so we can be safe. But, the problem comes on the inside. When we are following this conditioning we feel inauthentic, we feel lost, we feel like we are not speaking our truth. This can show up as not speaking up in meetings, having trouble creating new connections, or feeling like you act differently around different people. A portion of my content is and will be helping you discover who you are again. To remember the bright shiny diamond that is you and help you bring that out into the world. 

It takes some getting used to but first you have to remember who you are. What do you like? What do you stand for? What makes you laugh? What makes you cry? What do you llllooooovvvvveee to do? When do you feel like yourself?

I also help people find and go after their dream career, passions and purposes. Often, we don’t have the courage to make a big change. Or even the courage to bring it up or say it out loud that we would like a change in the first place. But going after what we really want can be so rewarding to you. Even the pursuit of it is something that will get you all jacked up. It’s like having your cake AND eating it too! Discovering your dream hobbies and career path and how to go about creating them will also be a part of the blog. 

Additionally, I help people create the lives they were meant to live. Cultivate happiness, love, fun and freedom within it so you can enjoy the little things and not stress about the stupid things.

I want to help awaken those who are ready. Those who are ready to take charge of their life and start creating the world they want to live in, start becoming the person they want to be. They are going from victim or complacency to empowered and in charge. The truth is, when we decide to own up and take responsibility for everything we have in our life, yes it is hard at first - especially to take responsibility for the things you really want to blame others for - but with a little practice, you become a kick-ass boss who gets things done. Suddenly things don’t stand in your way, nothing can stop you, because you know how to make things happen.

So, if you are ready to take charge of your life and start making waves then let the world know. Tell us (me and the other readers), what are you going to take control over today and make happen? What have you been avoiding, putting off, and hoping it would just go away? How are you going to own it and move on with your life? Ain’t nobody got time for fear and doubt holding you back!


All my love and more,