Self-Care 101

This Fall I was rocked hard. I lost my Mom, the most wonderful women / person / teacher I knew. 

I quickly fell into grieving and depression and put my business on hold until I could come back authentically and in a serving place. 

In order to get through my every day, I discovered new ways of practicing self-care that actually had an effect on my overall mood and ability to cope with life. I developed my self-care practice, which was heavily weighted with mindfulness and movement.

In focusing on myself, and letting go of "shoulds" and "expectations", I began to feel better. 

The depression fog was slowly but surely lifted and I had discovered a new love. Me. 

Also the love for spending time being mindful, to feel in to my body, to relax, to let go, to ponder, to be - before all else. With consistent practice, I saw my body change in pleasing ways, I wasn't emotionally eating or eating too much for me, I had more creative ideas then I could handle, and I had the energy and bravery to tackle my most anxiety-producing tasks.

The gift I received in all the devastation was learning to care for myself. And in doing that, I can now teach you to do the same.

Self-care isn't just for times of struggle. It is an on-going practice. When you are low, it will help you get to your base, and when you are at base it will help you get to extraordinary new heights.

In all my work as a coach and my personal evolution journey, this has created the biggest shift in me.

Please join me in creating a self-care practice for yourself. 

I am putting together a tribe that will support each other in honouring ourselves and our self-care practice. To join the wait list send me a note about why you need this to