Unblocking Creativity

Wow.... just WOW.

That is exactly how I feel right now.

I have experienced so much personal growth so far while learning all the techniques - it's proving how valuable coaching is, and how transformational it can be when you have some scientific systems to back it up.

I get the "staying in the positive" piece now that I was confused about yesterday. Navigating around the fears has allowed us to disregard them completely and head towards a possibility that is meaningful and authentic. People will know inside what are the next appropriate steps for them to conquer fear so they don't need to dive into that fear, they just need to identify and commit to those next steps to take. Slowly, over time, step by step, that fear is completely forgotten about and you are on to bigger and better things.

Marilyn has described it as "popcorn". The ideas start popping one at a time, until eventually you can't stop it. That is how I feel. I've popped all over the place and there is no going back.

That's why I chose to use the classic fish bowl picture for this blog post. It is one fish, taking a risk and jumping into bigger and better bowls. He has increased his capacity and can now tackle so much more in his bigger bowl. My bowl is much bigger after today.

Key take-aways I'd like to share from today:

  • Following the positive paths can lead to excitement, creativity and genius that cannot possibly be held back by small fears (gremlins)
  • All beliefs are limiting - mind blown! mic dropped..
  • Coaching is useful in many (dare I say all) situations/industries as long as the coachee(?) is willing to be honest and look for solutions
  • I don't quite understand the difference between questions that gather information (just for the coaches benefit) and questions that help paint the vision for the client of what they want. As a coach, I want to help clients create a clear vision of what they want.. but I should also avoid asking questions that just 'catch me up' (as they are not useful for the client).. but it's hard to do while trying to help them fill out the vision... maybe it's asking them questions that identify the gaps first and then exploring? I'll have to ponder this more tomorrow.

What you can do:

Create a vision... If you have an idea of something you would like to do but have some reservations around. Create your vision for it. Describe what it looks like, who is benefiting by it, how you feel when you have it, and what you'll be doing with it. Let your imagination run wild and just go with it. As you are visioning this ideal future, you are creating neural pathways in your brain to allow you to make connections to actually get there. Once you practice visioning your vision on a few occasions, your brain can't help but accept it as a reality and work it's magic to make it happen.

Go on, get visioning. Share your vision in the comments if you are feeling brave.